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Our office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The mailing address is:

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Thomas B. Turner Building
720 Rutland Avenue,
Room 20
Baltimore, Maryland 21205-2195

General Information: 410-955-2959
Registration Confirmation: 410-502-9636
FAX Registration: 866-510-7088

CME Departmental Contacts:

Annette Mallory Donawa, PhD
Assistant Dean and Director, CME

Henry Beselman 
Financial Manager

Charlene Dorsey
Accreditation and Compliance Specialist

Mary Jeter
Assistant to the Associate Dean and Director, CME
Phone: 410-955-3988
Fax: 410-614-7302

Carlita Kearney
CME Manager, Division of Coordinated Activities

Gail Miller
RSS Compliance Specialist

Rhonda J. Myers
NIH CME Coordinator

Greaton Sellers
Accreditation and Compliance Specialist

Lorraine Spencer
Director, Office of Information Technology