Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Office of Continuing Medical Education accreditation and learning management system. Since launching the new system a few months ago, we have seen the many benefits of the new management system, CloudCME. These benefits range from improved online registration functionality and QR code check-in, to online access to syllabi and transcripts in real-time; CloudCME is a one stop shop for all of our stakeholders.

The CloudCME Mobile App is the next step in convenience and accessibility for the Johns Hopkins Office of Continuing Medical Education. This app, available across all major operating system platforms, allows users to record their attendance, complete the online evaluation and receive their certificate of credit directly on their mobile device. The CloudCME Mobile App also includes mobile access to presentation slides through the electronic syllabi\us function. The electronic syllabus allows users to make notes directly onto the slides. These notes can be saved and accessed later.

In order to fully utilize the functions of this system, we recommend downloading the CloudCME Mobile App using the links below for IPhone or Android devices. 


After downloading the app, you will be asked to enter an organization name, please enter Hopkinscme. You will then be asked to login using your email address and password.

The CloudCME Mobile App also benefits our faculty and subject matter experts. It allows convenient and streamlined access to required accreditation documentation directly from a mobile device.

As we continue to utilize and develop additional capabilities and functionality of the CloudCME platform and mobile app, the experience for all of our users will continue to become more convenient and efficient.

Please email cmetechsupport@jhmi.edu with questions, comments, or to report website errors.