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Fifth Annual Selected Topics in Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery: An International Symposium on Cranioplasty and Implantable Neurotechnology

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FIFTH Annual Selected Topics in Neuroplastic & Reconstructive Surgery

November 2-3, 2019


Abstract Submission Deadline: August 1, 2019 5PM EST

NOTE: The abstract submission site only allows for entry of up to 5 authors. If you have more than 5 authors on your abstract, please SUBMIT ON THE CME WEBSITE WITH THE FIRST 5 AUTHORS and send an email to rminerv1@jhmi.edu with your abstract in word form including ALL authors so it can be updated by the CME team to reflect all authors.

Abstracts will be accepted for oral presentations as per the Conference abstract review committee’s decision.


Conference Registration Required: If an abstract is accepted for presentation the presenter must register for the symposium. 

Abstract submissions should include 4 sections. 

1) Background

2) Methods

3) Results

4) Conclusions

Some special characters like alpha, beta and <= >= may not be available. If you have difficulty entering these symbols, please email rminerv1@jhmi.edu