Steven Edmundowicz, MD, FASGE
Disclosures: Consulting Fee-Olympus America-Advisory Board Member|Consulting Fee-AMBU-Other_Role-consultant for device development and site investigator for clinical trial|Consulting Fee-Boston Scientific Corporation-Consulting fee for teaching at courses|Consulting Fee-Provation Medical-Member medical advisory board|Son is employee, wife is stockholder -UV Concepts -UV light sterilization of medical devices, son is employee, wife is stock holder of stock options, not publicly traded. |Ownership Interest-Dragonfly Endoscopy LLC-Medical director and advisor|Contracted Research-Medtronic, Inc.-Other_Role-Advisory Board Member, Consultant|Ownership Interest-Motus GI-Other_Role-Advisory Board Member, Stock holder|Ownership Interest-Elira-Other_Role-Scientific Advisory Board Member , Stockholder|Ownership Interest-Freehold Surgical-Other_Role-Advisory Board Member, Stockholder|Consulting Fee-Allurion-Other_Role-Chair of the DSMB|Stock owner-Check-Cap-stock holder for medical advisory board work. |Consulting Fee-Fractyl-Data Safety Monitoring Board Committee - 09/07/2021
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