Andrea M Peaten
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Andrea “Andee” Peaten

Community Immunization Liaison and HPV Ambassador Program Regional Consultant.


Andrea has worked to improve the quality of live in her community for over 20 years. Her focus has always been closely tied to youth. She worked as a Family Support worker for many years with Health Families Pinellas, a Program Manager with the YWCA of Tampa Bay’s Ujima Program and most recently as the Program Assistant with the Florida POPS Program (Professional Opportunities Program for Students). She started training over 20 years ago in the areas of Benefits and Dangers of Social Networking, The Importance of Your Culture, Cultural Competency/Diversity and most recently Immunizations Education.


In recent years, Andrea work with adolescent and childhood immunizations has produced immunization milestone, such as the development of the Immunization Report Card for Pinellas County Schools, the creation of PITCH (Partner Immunizing Towards Community Health), the Annual Florida Immunization Summit and the HPV Ambassador Program.